2017 - 2018 Impact report

Our purpose in action

"The vision for LGM was for there to be more active people in Cambridgeshire leading to a healthier population. Eighteen months into this Programme we are able to see some progress against these objectives"

Michael Firek, LGM Project Manager

The development of new activities has been a key outcome in the first phase of the LGMC Programme. Identifying where there were gaps in provision or there is additional need has resulted in an increase in participation from individuals that were not currently active.

Sustaining activities that increase physical activity levels has been achieved through developing leaders from the community to take the activities forward and motivate existing and new participants to become the next leaders. One of the key learning points in LGMC is that the most successful programmes were those where someone from the community assumed a leadership role or a community asset such as a facility was part of the initiative.

There are several examples of community ownership, volunteer upskilling and leadership throughout the programme. ‘Let’s Run Girls’ and ‘Run For Your Lives’ are two of the running groups that have scaled up their offer significantly through training new leaders and establishing running communities with LGMC support. The Papworth New Age Kurling group is a good example of a completely new activity which, although initially supported by LGMC, went on to be developed and owned by the village.

The high numbers of NEW participants across all programmes shows that the programmes are being targeted in the right places and to the right people. A good proportion (37%) of those who did not meet the desired physical activity levels when they joined LGMC were achieving the CMO guidelines within three months. Although more hadn’t achieved this level of activity, a greater proportion (72%) across the county had achieved their goal within 3 months, indicating that the activity level itself is not always the primary motive for joining a programme like LGM.

18 month LGMC Jul 2017-Dec 2018 (1).png