The first step is the hardest!

Starting in July 2017 with an objective to encourage and support the least active people across Cambridgeshire to be more physically active to improve their health and wellbeing, the LGMC programme went through some essential learning in the first 18 months. With lessons learnt, and changes made in approach and data collection, this period was identified as phase 1 of the programme, meaning that from January 2019 we entered phase 2 with new and more robust data collection methods, and more reliable evidence of engagement.

LGMC 18 month report July 2017 - Decembe
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"The vision for LGM was for there to be more active people in Cambridgeshire leading to a healthier population. Eighteen months into this Programme we are able to see some progress against these objectives"

Michael Firek, LGM Project Manager

"The LGM programme has gone to great lengths to find suitable activities for inactive or fairly active people to move more, and we are seeing strong evidence that it is engaging the right people that need the most support"

Simon Fairhall, Living Sport CEO

"I really enjoy the class and have already noticed an improvement in my balance and notice a week on week improvement in my ability with some of the exercises"

Activity participant, Workplace Pilates

"The group has been going for over a year and many of us are long term regulars. There is a friendly all comers type of atmosphere and adaptations of exercises are available for those who need more and those who need different adjustments due to personal needs/limitations etc. It is a brilliant set up. "

Activity participant, Weight management circuits class