Ladies only swimming; reducing barriers to exercise

It can be a bit scary making changes to your lifestyle, for example becoming more active.

People who are anxious about how their body will look to others while they are exercising may avoid exercise as a result.


One of the common barriers cited by women is their perception of their body image. Attending a female-only exercise class or a ladies-only swimming session may help to overcome anxiety as a barrier to initially starting to exercise.

Cambridge City Council have recently set up a new women's only 'swim and tone' session in Chesterton Sport Centre, to help address low levels of women taking part in swimming locally. The easy going class is perfect for women that are looking to get back in the swimming pool or would just like to become more active.

The sessions take place Thursday mornings 11.10 - 11.55 and are £4 per session. You can book online or call 01223 576110

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