Winter Olympics inspires local activity

Following the success of the Winter Olympics the New Age Kurling activity in Papworth is thriving.

New Age Kurling is an adaptation of ice curling which can be played indoors. The game can be played sitting or standing and it is this inclusivity that has enabled 22 adults, including some in their 80s, to come and give it a go.

As well as the participants being able to try a new sport it is the social element and friendly atmosphere that appeals to many of them.

One participant, Elizabeth, said “It’s nice to meet and engage with new people and it gets me out of my chair and onto my feet without being too strenuous”.

Another participant, Peter, said “I enjoy the New Age Kurling sessions because it is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all physical abilities. It is a way to exercise in a friendly, non demanding surrounding”.

Following the success of this session an additional New Age Kurling session is starting in Sawston, Mill Pavilion, on Monday 16th April 2-3pm. For more information about either session or how to help set one up in your area please email or call 01954 713294.

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