On Your Bike!

We would like to update you on the progress being made with the new Cycling programme being developed as part of Let's Get Moving Cambridgeshire - On Your Bike!

Towards the end of last year we posted a survey asking for your opinion on whether you would be interested in a programme of led rides. We had a great response with nearly 200 submissions ranging from people that haven't cycled for a long time to people that love cycling and would be interested in helping other people to get into cycling by leading the rides. In response to this we are in the process of arranging a ride leadership course through British Cycling to train volunteers across the county - likely to be early summer due to availability of the trainer.

We have begun to develop some new rides in some areas utilising existing ride leaders, some of which are promoted below. We are also in communication with a local provider to deliver some 'Dr Bike' cycle maintenance events across the county, as well as deliver some one-to-one cycle confidence sessions for people that need that little bit more support to get On Your bike! Both of these activities should be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Finally we are planning on producing regular communication through this newsletter in order to keep you informed of progress, share useful information and introduce our 'Route of the Week'!



If you are looking for local rides in your area it is worth checking out the British Cycling Let's Ride website. There are a number of led rides already happening of different distances and intensity.

An example is the Sofa to 50k ride course that Willingham Wheels are leading, gradually building up your capacity to ride further and longer. Great for beginners or returners.

Let's Ride Website



Welcome to your route of the week. This one is in South Cambridgeshire, starting from Oakington, taking a circular route out towards Histon and Impington then back.

Approximately 12k, or just over 7 miles, you could expect to do this within 30 - 40 minutes at a leisurely pace; maybe slightly longer with children.

More detailed map here


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