Active New Communities

Active New Communities... helping you stay active when you move home

Moving house is exciting but can be a big life change. It takes time and effort to get settled into your new home or community and this can impact on your normal routines including when you exercise. This new project in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough has been developed to help.

You may have moved away from your usual gym, exercise class or sports club. We recognise that in a brand new housing development these groups are often yet to be established, making it hard for you to stay active.

The project will focus on eight strategic growth sites that are being built and occupied from 2018-2021. A phased approach to working in each development will take place;

- In Year 1 of the project we will target Alconbury Weald, Northstowe and Hauxton.

- In Year 2 work in Alconbury Weald and Northstowe will continue with a new phase of development in Hampton in Peterborough to also be included.

- Years 3 and 4 will see sites in Great Haddon (Peterborough), North West Cambridge and Soham integrated.

You can find out more about the Active New Communities project by visiting the website or following them on Twitter.

You can contact the project management team directly;

Christine Sprowell;

Chloe Brown;

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